Sunday Drivers Rules and Regulations


    • You will be responsible for the action of anyone you bring as a guest or the members you bring into the league 
    • You will show common courtesy and respect to all fellow members.

    • You will leave the courses in better shape than we found them. Please fix all ball marks and divots and pick up garbage if you see it.

    • You will not Cheat.  It will not be tolerated.

    • You will act appropriately.  We will not tolerate disruptive behavior of any kind.

    •  You will dress appropriately for the courses we are playing: Some courses have a dress code, some do not.  Just remember you are representing all of us.

Club Rules:

Dues: $30.00 per year.  These are used for operating expenses including the website fees, and the banquet extras at the end of the year.

Green Fees: A fee has been added for options, we try to make it $5 but some times it will be less, depending on what the course charges us.   This money will be used for prizes, awards and banquet. Green fees are due no later than four days before the date of play except some out of town events. If your money has not been received, by due date , you will be listed as not playing. If you call to play after the foursomes have been drawn, you are subject to spots available..

Option Money: (greenies) Has been added to the fees, if you want to opt out of this, contact Darla
see option rules under playing rules


Out of town money: Will be due as posted.


No-Shows: If you tell us you are going to play and then do not show up, with out notice, your money will not be refunded.
Late: If you show up late it will be assumed that you are playing all greenies and will owe that money if not already entered.


Membership: The league will max out at 150 members. All members from last year will be classified as charter members and will not lose their spot unless they do not pay their dues.


Guests: Welcome at any time no limit.(except Calcutta) 
 Members will have priority as to spots available unless they did not submit their deposit by the due date.


Club Championship, Awards, Prizes and Banquet: All members will be invited to the banquet, however to be eligible for prizes and the club championship you are required to play at least three times.

Scramble: To qualify you must be a paid up member and have a Sunday Drivers handicap for that year.Minimum outings for the year required


Officers:  Have the right to  to exprl  any golfer or golfers for violations


Playing Rules:


Play it as it lies-no bumping (unless winter rules apply)

Breakfast Ball: (practice) You are only allowed this shot when it is your first shot of the day.  If you screw it up (the breakfast ball)  or hit another ball for any reason, you must play the 2nd ball you hit. No exceptions. You may not use this if you are in a skin game or any special event.  We will post these when this applies.

   Lost Ball, Out of Bounds, Unplayable Lies and Water Hazards:  These can and should be played as a lateral hazard.  This means you can move the ball (laterally) to the           nearest relief (grass) plus two club lengths.  You add a penalty stroke to your score and hit.  ( one in, the 1st shot, one out , the penalty stroke, hitting three).  If you do not understand please ask someone.

   No more than double par on any hole: If you are not holding anyone up you may continue playing until it is in the hole but your score is still double par.

   Gimme putts:  If you do not know what a gimme putt is, then putt it out) If you take a gimme putt be sure to add that stroke to your score. ABSOLUTELY NO gimmes will be given on any birdie or better putt.

   Keep up with the group ahead, play as fast as you can. SEE READY GOLF 

  Option Rules:

Closest to the Pin, men must be on the green, Women do not, what ever is closest  Longest Putt, must be on the green and the 1st putt attempted. Longest Drive must be in the fairway, Most accurate Drive, ball that is deemed closest to the line, Duh, 2nd Shot closest to the pin, men or women do not have to be on the green in two, the ball that is closest , even in a sand trap is the one that is closest. Any other option will be addressed the day of play

   Unsure of any rules ask your playing partner. If they don't know, have a drink and add a stroke....

To keep our and the courses pace of play in line, we play ready golf
This is not intended to make you nervous  or rush your shot.
!- Keep up with the group ahead of you, try to not get more than one hole behind, if you find that you are holding up groups behind you,  your group may may be ask to move up into position, and those holes missed will be adjusted. If a marshal or attendant ask you to move up, move up, and no crap
2- If it is safe to hit, be ready and hit the ball, no honors here
3- Do not wait until every one  has hit to get ready, be ready
4-Please watch , if you can where people have hit, and help find ball, do not waste a lot of time looking, especially if out of position
5-Yes at time we all have touble and get behind, just make it up asap

Not all bad players play slow, and not all good players play fast