Members helping Members

Would you like to be listed here so we can help each other out?

Below is a list of people, in our group that may have something to offer you.
Maybe they can get a better bid for you than you have recieved, maybe not. Why not try to use our friends and members of the league 1st?
We also have a few people that own resturants, bars and/or other retail/whole sale stores.

This is a great way to get to know each other and for lack of a better word, "pat each other on the back"!!!


Mary Kay Cosmetics

Gina Masarone is now selling Mary Kay Products. She is offering hugh discounts for all members, thier friends, if they have any and all thier relatives
Please give her a chance on these fine products
call, text or e-mail
Gina Masarone

Need a Drink or a Nice Dinner?

Lofte'sOwner: Lofte Daoua
Location: 2106 West North Temple
Phone: 801-741-1188

Great Prime Rib Special


Terri Brailford more info to come

Home Inspection!! Buying or Selling a Home??

National Properties Inspections
Owner: Alan Stark
Residential property inspection service for people who are purchasing a home and would like to know what condition the home and it's systems are in. He inspects for past, existing and potential issues or defects with the property. Some of the items or areas that are inspected include but are not limited too: Property grading and drainage, exterior finish, roof, attic, crawlspace, framing and support, electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing systems, door & window operations, additional services include radon & meth testing.

Need a REALTOR???

Trudi Stark

Tile Setter

Jon Olsen or Terry Defa

Massage Essential Massage

Carli Inman has opened a shop called Essential Massage located at 9255 South Redwood Road 801-381-5095
There is a big discount on your 1sy visit for a shot tim , say you are with the Sunday Drivers

Automotive Body Repair (Unique Auto Body)

Sean Liedtke's son works at Unique Auto Body and is very personable and wants our business. You know you will get excellent service if you know someone. Their number in South Jordan is 801-302-0967