Here are your results from our Scrambled/Scramble

Top Playing Team scores of note
-9-Emilio A, Rickie A, Ron M and Dave S
-9-Steve C, becky R, Tyler M and Jake D
-7-Becky B, Dan C, Aaron C and Curtis L

Bill Bedell, Donna, Nicole and Amy scored a score of-5


Even-Darla M, Paul M, Karren P, Johnny B
          Amber B, Justin M, Darrell W, Shari M
-1       Patty B, Ben B, Jackie M, Braxton C
-4       Dan C, Nicole B, Chris M, Margaret A
-9       Mike Z, Donna B, John S, Camel H
-11     Paul H, Ray P, Ron M, Patrick N
          Nancy T, Jake D, Curtis, Brenda J
-13     Fred T, Ricky A, Bill B, Kirk B
-14     Bill D, Alan H, Becky R, Chris P
          Tricia W, Becky B, Frankie N, Dave F
-17     Kerry C, Nephi N, Amy D, Emilio A
-24     Dave S, Erica M, Tyler M, Kam B
           Aaron C, Anne M, Rueben S, Steve C

1st Place Tie paid 180.00 per team or 45.00 per player
3rd Place paid 100.00 per team or 25.00 per player
Consolation tie paid 40.00 each player 5.00 per player

Thank you for plying and supporting this event, We hope you had fun  Paul, Amy and Darla