Thank you everyone for your support for this event
Below is a complete list of the results
Hope you got a cold beer or water

This twosome shot a gross 65

Blur Flight
1st-51.6 Tyler and Becky $50 ea.
2nd-57.2 Cody and Manny $40 ea.
3rd-61.4-Alan and Randi $15 ea.
3rd-61.4-Darrell and Tricia $15 ea.
5th-63-Bill B and Nicole
5th 63-Dan and Becki
Braxton and Lee no card
Chris and Ray withdrew
Closest to #7-Becky R
Closest to #12-Becky B

Pink Flight
1st-54-John and Darla-$50 ea
2nd-54.4-Hank and Donna $40 ea
3rd-57.6-Paul and Anne-$30 ea
4th-58.6-Bill and Dave F
5th-60.2-Paul and Camel
6th-64.8-Dave S and Ron
7th-65.9-Ricky and Dave
8th-Shawn and Rachel
Closest to the pin #7-Donna R
Closest to the pin #12-Dave M

Yellow Flight
1st-55-Brenda and Vicky $45 ea
!st-55-Bob and Lisa-$45 ea
3rd-56-Justin and Erica $30 ea
4th-56.6-Fred and Tom
6th-67-Johnny and Randy
Vicky and Raisha no card
Closest to the pin #7 Vicki M
Closest to the pin #12 Tom T